Animal Crossing is a GameCube video game that combines the real life with virtual life. You can use your creativity and imagination to create homes, trees, flowers and more in a village inhabited by animals. Here are some tips for playing Animal Crossing

When you move into town, Tom Nook will give you a small house. At first you’ll only be able to have a small living space, but if you talk to him during the day you might get lucky and he will give you expansions. If he doesn’t, visit him at night because that’s when he sleeps!

How to use wrapping paper in animal crossing

The more you save money, the bigger your house will be! Although it is usually quite expensive, if you’re willing to work hard and pay off all of your debt (usually around 11,000) Tom Nook will give you a HUGE present. It’s like winning the lottery! You can get larger rooms for your house, a fountain in your town and more!

To get money easily in Animal Crossing you can loan money from Tom Nook or go Mining. Be careful when mining though because some times you will hit water or rocks that are not worth much money. You can also find Bells while fishing, but it’s very random so I suggest mining instead.

The basics of the game

The basics of the game are to collect items, catch fish and bugs, talk to the residents of your town, explore nearby islands with friends and more. You can visit other towns by using a memory card with another Animal Crossing game in it or over Nintendo WFC which you need an access code for.

Walking around is fun but not very effective if you want make your way to the other side of town quickly. You can bike, but you must walk for a few seconds before being able to start biking.

Animal Crossing and mental health

I found that Animal Crossing was a great game for researching Mental Health. I had experienced panic attacks in the past and it helped me when I felt like I was having another one. It took my mind off of what I was experiencing and allowed me to focus on something else. Lastly, you can talk to the animals in your town about their problems and give them advice. It’s also fun to talk about other people’s problems.

Animal Crossing helped me focus on other things besides my anxiety, which I found helpful at the time.

Tips on playing with friends

Animal Crossing has a built in friend system so you can visit towns and trade items. You cannot talk to them, however. For that you will need Nintendo WFC access codes for Animal Crossing: WW which is much more expensive than Animal Crossing (about $30 as opposed to $10) but it’s worth it if you have friends over often.

Ways to make money in-game

You can sell items you’ve collected to Tom Nook, but some are worth more than others so it’s best to check at the information booth first. Fish, bugs and fossils are good sellers. You can also sell fruit that you find while exploring on an island or in your town.

How to avoid getting bored of the game

You can make your own designs for clothes, umbrellas and more using the touch screen on the GameCube or Wii. You can also collect items to decorate your house with. If you get bored of existing patterns, take them off of your walls and floors by tapping them. Then start drawing new ones!


I hope these tips will help you enjoy Animal Crossing even more! I love the game and highly recommend it to anyone who like games where you can use your creativity or just likes simulation games. Let me know what your favorite Animal Crossing memories are in the comments below!

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